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Via Roma offers affordable and personalised coaching for all levels of cyclists.

Please get in contact for a free consultation to discuss your coaching needs. All training plans are tailored around your personal circumstances, there are NO generic plans, everyone is different.

I returned to road cycling after an absence of a couple of decades with the aim of matching the results and times I achieved when a young rider. I quickly learned that there has been a lot of change in the intervening years both in equipment and training techniques so I decided to get some guidance and I was very fortunate to be introduced to Grant Bayton of Via Roma Coaching.

It has been a very successful collaboration where Grant has provided me with a structure for training and competing in time trials and road races. His experience as a professional rider provides an invaluable insight into all aspects of cycling which has kept me focused and motivated. I can recommend Grant’s help in achieving whatever cycling related goals you may have. The time I have spent with Grant being coached has allowed me to get into the best shape I have ever been in. He has a lot of experience with different training ideas to improve power, endurance and race knowledge.Steve Buckley

For those that want to race we can offer what we believe is one of the most important factors which is race craft, its not always the fittest rider that wins, but the one that uses their experience and knowledge!

  Giro Tour Vuelta
Monthly coaching prices: From just
Most popular
Full package
Initial consultation
Weekly plans that are tailored around your circumstances
Fortnightly catch up
Unlimited support and advice when required
Advice and guidance on riding with a power meter, heart rate monitor, Garmin & other devices
Nutritional advice on what to eat and drink on the bike
Guidance on the right clothing and equipment for various times of the year
Advice on tactical awareness when riding and racing
Planned objectives
Additional to the Giro package we would offer to ride with you and provide on the bike advice
Monthly FTP Tests to establish progress and ensure you're on track to hit your yearly objectives
Bike fit to ensure you have the most efficient setup
Blood Lactate Tests to measure the amount of lactate being produced in the blood
Attend selected events where objectives have been set to offer on the day advice and support

Grant has made a huge improvement in my cycling. His structured coaching has brought me results that were well beyond my expectations and have given me absolute confidence in his expertise.Karen Whyte

Via Roma also run high quality coaching weekends for those that are about to embark on a cycle challenge and are looking for useful information and advice.

These coaching weekends can consist of daily coaching sessions, or spread over two days riding in the beautiful Cotswold countryside along with 4★ accommodation and sessions tailored to individual needs, such as nutritional advice and even fitness testing if desired.

Part of the coaching session will include advice and demonstrations on various mechanical topics. These weekends can be customised to suit requirements, and are tailored to suit athletes needs dependant on the type of event or challenge. Midweek breaks are also available, along with single day trips and seminars. Additionally, we can assist in supporting in your own events offering "on-the-bike" advice and guidnace.

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